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Q: What is Naadi?

A: In Tamil, naadi means "in search of". It is recorded on a bundle of Palm Leaves which were written by sages 4000 years ago.

Q:Who wrote Naadi?

A: The naadi-shastra predictions were written by the seven rishis - Agasthya, Kausika, Vyasa, Bohar, Bhrigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki.

Q:Why go for Naadi?

A: People are curious by nature. We long to know what destiny has in store for us and if we can discover what has been written about our past and what lies in our future, then why not go for it! Once we know these details, they will help us by guiding our future. Besides, by knowing beforehand any likely misfortunes, we can take precautionary measures and also perform the prescribed remedies to overcome them. In this way we can learn to live more comfortably.

Q:Will problems be solved by performing these remedies?

A:If it is stated in the palm leaves that the problems will be completely solved through remedies, then they will definitely be fully solved.

Q: How can I give my impression and details?

A: You can either fill our form online and give your thumb impression as a scanned image, or you can send us your details by post, or visit our office personally.

Q: How many chapters are there in all and what are the charges?

A: There are 18 chapters in all. Of these, 14 are the main chapters and the rest are special chapters. The price for the first (general) chapter is $85 and is compulsory, as it is the main basis for finding the correct leaf. Later, if you want to take out any other chapter, this costs $75 per chapter requested.

Q: How much time does it take for the process?

A: It would normally take 15-20 days from the day you give us the required information for your Naadi to be traced and predictions translated from the ancient text.

Q: How can I know my future through Naadi Shastra?

A: You need to provide your Thumb Impression, the Right Thumb for Males and Left for Females. We also require the the details requested in our forms, which are Registration, Married and Unmarried. The Registration form is compulsory for everyone and must be filled in. The other form should be selected according to your marital status.

Q: The Procedure?

A: The reading requires patience for the painstaking Naadi reader, as well as the "destined" Naadi seeker. After taking the thumb impression - right hand thumb for the male and left hand thumb for the female - the palm-leaf bundles are classified and indexed according to the impression. Before revealing the predictions to the individual, his identity is first ascertained by confirming the details of his date of birth; parents' profile; planetary positions at the time of birth; marital status etc. It is similar to a seer who takes one for a dip into a crystal clear river where he not only sees his image, but is also able to look at the flourishing life including the protruding rocks underneath. Only you have to be "predestined" for that spiritual experience.

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