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How is Naadi Shastra Different?
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How is Naadi Shastra Different ?

When ordering an Astrology reading, you have to give your name, date of birth, time of birth etc, but in the case of a Naadi Shastra reading, you only have to give your thumb impression.

In the case of other predictive sciences, you always have some doubt as to whether the readers are able to give your prediction perfectly or not, or whether they are analyzing your details perfectly or not, but in our case everything has been written long in advance. There can be no manipulation and no altering of records, which were written 4000 years ago by Indian Gods, Goddesses and Saints.

No other predictive science informs you about your previous birth, next birth, brothers, sisters, children, eyesight, salvation, or sins committed in your previous birth. Naadi Shastra also states the remedial measures needed to cure the effects of karmic sins committed in the previous birth. Much more fascinating information about a wide variety of matters is elaborated on a year by year basis in a Naadi Shastra reading. There is no other predictive science that even comes close to Naadi Shastra.

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